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I don’t know how prolific I am going to be with this blog, and I am always prepared 10x what I need to be.  So, in that spirit I have put this page together to store documents that I have posed to the blog in one spot.  I also realize that this is redundant, so if you think this is bad form write me a note.  I am amenable to change.

Post: Inquiry Based Learning — Scripted Discussion

Teacher Outline for Teaching Diigo
Contemporary Issues Scripted Discussion
Contemporary Issues Scripted Discussion Rubric
Foreign Policy Study Guide
Presidential Policy Theme Scripted Discussion
Presidential Policy Theme Scripted Discussion Rubric

Post: Digital Storytelling in Political Science

Research Project Spring 2010
Research Project Spring 2010 Rubric
Case Brief Instructions 2010
Constitutional Issue Research Project Presentations 2010
Constitutional Issue Research Project  Presentation Rubric 2010

Post: Project Based Learning — Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction WWII
Historical Fiction Rubric

Post: Student Blogs: Project Planning Starting to Come Together

Classical World Blog Project

Post: Excited about Blogging in Classical World

First Blog Post
First Blog Post Rubric

Update: Classical World Blogs

Second Blog Post Instructions
Second Blog Post Rubric

Using Wikis in U.S. II for the Interwar Period

Between the Wars
Between the Wars Wiki Project Rubric

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