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Mr. Dennison by Matt Groening

Since September 2001 I have been a member of the Social Studies Department at Hunterdon Central Regional High School in Flemington, NJ.  I graduated from Rutgers College in May of 2000 with a Bachelor’s degree in History with a minor in Sociology.  I continued on to the Rutgers University Graduate School of Education to earn my teaching certification and Master’s degree in May of 2001.

My courses for the 2010-2011 school year are U.S. History II (U.S. history since 1920), The Classical World (ancient Western civilizations), Comparative World Studies I and II (anthropological and comparative studies of cultures, current global conflicts, conflict resolution and international human rights) and Political Science and Constitutional Law.

In the past I have taught a humanities course, African Studies, U.S. History I and in-class support sections of most of these classes.

I am interested in social studies education, educational technology, Web 2.0 tools, inquiry based learning, project based learning, formative assessment, Understanding by Design, collaborative teaching and 21st Century Skills.  Our district is in the midst of curricular revision in light of the New Jersey High School Redesign Initiative and the New Jersey Department of Education’s emphasis on 21st Century Skills.

At Hunterdon Central I am a member of the initial cohort of teachers which piloted the Tablet PC, and since 2005 I have been using it frequently in my teaching.  I am also a member of the initial cohort which piloted HC’s Moodle course management system and I have been using it since 2007.


Outside of the classroom I am a rabid New York Mets fan and New Jersey Devils fan.  I am usually working on a book of some sort and enjoying time with friends and family.  My cat Natasha basically owns my house and lets me live there.  I currently reside in Hackettstown, NJ but I was raised in Randolph, NJ.  I am the eldest of three brothers.  I really like local history and I enjoy getting out and exploring the world where I live (you can be surprised by what hides in plain sight!).  I am a member of Randolph High School Class of ’96 and County College of Morris Class of ’98.  I am not athletically gifted at all but I love watching sports.  I don’t Monday Morning Quarterback.  I am very conscious about grammar and spelling, but I know my faults.


This blog is designed to help me reflect on my practice of teaching and as well as to collaborate with other like minded educators world wide.  The viewpoints expressed here are the sole possession of Keith Dennison and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of my employer or my colleagues.

Talk to Me

Please feel free to respond or contact me if anything I have written here or anywhere else in the blog moves you to do so.

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