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Excited about Blogging in Classical World

September 26, 2010

So far things are going very well, better than I imagined that they would.  With each passing class session that we use to discuss social networking or how to operate a blog I become more and more excited about this project.  And my colleagues Marci and Heather are so indispensable to this process — their investment in Web 2.0 in the classroom will make this meaningful for my students and help me grow professionally.

This past Friday Heather Hersey and I went over the reasons for blogging, the use of blogs in the classroom (and issues surrounding it), privacy on the web, Creative Commons, attribution and copyright.  The students also chose their platform for their blog and got things set up initially.  They did a great job at being adaptable to new technology and they asked insightful questions on everything from technology, copyright, privacy and functionality of blog platforms.

At this point they’re working on their first post which is all about them, their plans and what interests them.  The skills that we are going to be working on with this post are writing for the Web, writing for a public audience, good web design, and general read/write web functionality.  Posted below are the first blog post instructions and the rubric that accompanies it.  As always any feedback is appreciated and welcomed.  Marci and Heather have also created this project link for our class to reference through out the semester.  Check it out, it’s such a great how-to resource!

Classical World Blog Project Link @ HCRHS IMC Site

To my U.S. educator- readers I hope you’ve had a great open.  To all else I hope this finds you well.

First Blog Post

First Blog Post Rubric

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